SEGi Towards IR4.0

Terms & Conditions of 'ZERO First 6' Campaign

General Terms
  1. Open to all new local students, all races and for all income group category from B40 to M40 and T20 students.
  2. This campaign is applicable for all certificate, foundation, diploma, degree and postgraduate programmes.
  3. This is only an option and not a mandatory scheme. Students who do not wish to use this option can pay in the normal payment schemes available.
  4. Students have the option to defer their first 6 months instalment fee payment (include tuition fee, facilities, security deposit fee etc. that are under self-funding portion)
  5. Students can still apply for the PTPTN loan scheme or on self-payment mode.
  6. In the event of student withdraw or discontinue their studies at any point of time [for whatever reason(s)], student needs to pay immediately all the fees and charges or the shortfall of fees and charges for all the programme and/or any part of the programme undertaken by student according to the SEGi Group Refund Policies and Guidelines.
  7. SEGi reserves the right to withhold student results, transcripts or certificates should student fail to settle any outstanding fees and charges for the programme or any of the programme and/or charge student as administrative expenses.
  8. Students will still be entitled to all the normal approved rebates, discounts and payment schemes offered as per terms and conditions apply.

Terms & Conditions for SEGi University only
  1. The campaign is opened to all new local students who register between the period from 25 March 2020 to 31 December 2020. The normal Registration Fee of RM500 will be waived for registrations made during this period for intakes up to December 2020.
  2. The 6 months ‘Deferred Payment Period’ is from the intake date which means that students are required to commence payment on the 7th month from the intake date.
  3. Students who require hostel accommodation, they will have to pay the normal required amounts in order to secure the hostel bookings.
  4. For Health Sciences programmes, students are still required to pay the initial Booking Fees in order to secure a seat in these programmes.

Terms & Conditions for SEGi Group of Colleges only
  1. This campaign is only applicable to all new local Malaysian students who register from 25 March to 31 December 2020.
  2. Student only need to pay RM1.00 for Registration fee (normal fee RM500 or RM100) to start a course and attend classes via virtual orientation or virtual classroom sessions during MCO period.
  3. In the event of MCO period lifted all students will be required to come back to college for orientation or classroom sessions, and are required to pay the balance Registration fee RM499 or RM99 (subject to different programme for Registration fee imposed).
  4. On the 7th month onwards, students are required to start paying the self-funding monthly instalment follow the due invoices as stated in the statement of account.

'Zero First 6' 活动条规

  1. 公开给所有种族和收入群体(B40 – M40 & T20)的本地新生。
  2. 这项活动适用于所有证书、基础、文凭、学位和研究生课程。
  3. 这只是一个选项,不是强制性的方案。学生可选择以正常的付款方式付款。
  4. 学生可选择推迟首6个月的分期付款(包括自筹的学费、设施、保证金等)。
  5. 学生仍然可以申请PTPTN贷款计划或自费模式。
  6. 如果学生在任何时候(出于任何原因)退学或终止学业,学生需要立即支付所有 课程的费用或不足的费用,和/或课程的任何部分根据世纪大学与学院退款政策和准则。
  7. 如果学生未能缴清课程的费用,世纪保留扣留学生成绩、成绩单或证书的权利和/或向学生收取行政费用。
  8. 学生仍可获得所有正常批准的回扣、折扣和付款计划,但需符合条规。

  1. 这项活动对所有在2020年3月25日至2020年12月31日期间注册的马来西亚本地新生开放。在2020年12月之前注册入学将豁免500令吉的注册费。
  2. 6个月的“延期付款期” 从入学日期算起,这意味着学生必须从入学日期起的第7个 月开始付款。
  3. 需要住宿的学生须支付正常的数额,以预订宿舍。
  4. 报读健康科学课程的学生仍然需要支付预订费,以在这些课程中获得一个席位。

  1. 此项活动只适用于所有在2020年3月25日至12月31日期间注册的马来西亚本地新生。
  2. 学生只需支付注册费RM1.00(正常费用RM500或RM100),即可在行管限制期间通过在线或虚拟课堂开始课程和上课。
  3. 行管限制期结束后,所有学生需回到院校进行迎新或课堂培训,并支付剩余注册费RM499或RM99(取决于不同的注册费计划)。
  4. 从第七个月开始,学生们必须按照账单,开始分期支付每月的学费。