Pursue an American Degree Program in Malaysia
Do you have a desire to experience the American education system, to see first-hand at how teaching methods are applied and tested? An American Degree Program can do just that and more for you. Learn about theoretical and practical knowledge through group projects, comprehensive lectures, assignments, presentations and field trips.

Let our American Degree Program at SEGi enhance your academic credentials as the focus shifts from excelling at exams onto completing various coursework.

This all-around approach in American Degree program is designed in such a way to effectively measure your achievements through the application of course based work.

ADP in Malaysia
American Degree Programs in Malaysia often come with credit-transfer alternatives which allow you to transfer to universities abroad (USA or Canada) to complete your degree after enrolling for at least 1-2 years in Malaysia.

Most students often choose to transfer to the USA to finish their degree programs in esteemed universities.

What Is a Credit Transfer?
A majority of American Degree Programmes in Malaysia is, in fact, credit transfer programmes, which requires students to spend a certain amount of time studying here before transferring to another university (most commonly in the USA).

Credit transfer programmes enable you to possess an American degree without needing to complete the full programme of 4 years overseas.

SEGi’s 4+0 American Degree Program

With SEGi’s American Degree Program, students can acquire their American degree and finish the full program locally, through our 4+0 alternative. Students who intend to pursue an American degree but don’t have quite the means to do so abroad will find this to be an affordable choice.

Why should you take an American Degree Program?
Many programmes are on offer, but the following reasons are why you choose an ADP at SEGi:

1. ADP beats other degrees in terms of flexibility
A key trait that distinguishes ADP is its versatility that allows you to change your major within 2 years upon enrolling. This is incredibly useful for students that still unsure about what they want to study.

Moreover, you are free to finish your degree as you wish; either by taking more or less subjects each semester. Students often take anywhere between 3 to 4 subjects every semester, with some enrolling to as little as 2 subjects to as many as 6 (although this isn’t advisable). The sooner you acquire the required credit hours for your ADP (110 - 140 hours), the quicker you can graduate.

With ADP, you’re the master of your own academic journey!

2. It exposes you to a plethora of subjects that extends beyond your chosen field
ADP focuses on a wide base of education, whereby students are required to enrol in courses outside their chosen majors. To illustrate, an Engineering student will take up subjects that relate to Science and Humanities, while Business majors will enrol in Mass Communication. By being outside of your comfort zone, this moulds you into becoming an all-rounder and train you to work with others more efficiently. With at least 3-4 subjects to enrol in each semester, ADP will hone your grasp of at least 30 - 40 subjects upon graduating.

3. Develop good interpersonal skills that will be essential in your future career
The ADP syllable places an emphasis on learning rather than on exams. With ever continuous learning and testing module, students will be graded in coursework, assignments, presentations and co-curricular activities. Expect to be working on course matters or socializing most of the time.

With ADP, students are encouraged to speak their mind, ask questions and have insightful discussions with lecturers both inside and outside the classrooms. You will be groomed to wield strong communication and presentation skills, a dual skill set that’s integral to a successful career.

4. ADP is your access card to an American University
American Degree Program remains an ever-popular option for students who wish to pursue their studies in the USA, but wish to spend 1-2 years locally first. This ensures that students are prepared before embarking on an American education that places an emphasis on interactive learning and all-round participation.

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