There is no place for violence, harassment or discriminatory behavior on our campus. Our security team works around the clock to protect the well-being of students, staff and visitors. In partnership with local law enforcement, we maintain day-today security and implement broader safety initiatives.

Services and Programs

From proactive campus patrols to crime prevention programs, your safety is our top concern. We protect the safety of campus through a variety of services. For example, if you feel unsafe walking on campus, approach our security and we will send a safety escort to walk with you.

Parking and Transportation

Here's everything you need to know about getting around campus, parking your vehicle and requesting for a parking permit. Specially designated visitor parking is available for visitors for course enquiry or campus visit.

Report a Crime or Incident

Maintaining Safety and security on our campus is a cooperative effort. You can do your part by taking a few simple steps to protect yourself and belongings. Watch for suspicious activity and report it immediately to campus security.

Emergency Management

We are committed to keeping you safe in the event of an emergency on campus. Campus security oversees all emergency preparedness and management programmes at SEGi. This includes educate our students on safety and emergency response to reduce the impact of hazards on the community.


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