Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)

The primary role of BEM is to facilitate the registration of engineers and regulate the professional conduct and practice of registered engineers in order to safeguard the safety and interest of the public.

BEM through the Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC)* conducts accreditation of engineering degree programmes offered by institutions of higher learning within Malaysia.

Accreditation is done through the evaluation panel (from academic and industry/practice) whose members are appointed by EAC. The accreditation panel shall visit the institution to evaluate the curriculum, facilities and the quality management system and have dialogue with the management, academic and support staff, students and industry stakeholders.

The period of full accreditation shall be five years after which it has to be revalidated. Where there are minor shortcomings in meeting the accreditation requirement, the programme may be given accreditation for a period of less than five years during which the faculty must take necessary corrective measures.

Prior to conduct of a new engineering programme institution of higher learning shall obtain approval from the relevant authorities. The authority normally will require supporting document from the EAC.

BEM through the EAC, in general, uses as a guide the list accredited degree programmes leading to Professional/Chartered Engineer by accreditation organisations of the country where the degree is issued.

International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants
The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
Institution of Engineers Malaysia
The Institute of Hospitality
Association Of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
Montessori Centre International
Malaysian Financial Planning Council
Microsoft IT Academy
Oracle Workforce Development Program
World Association of Chefs Societies
iOS Developer Program
Autodesk Authorized Training Center
Board of Engineers Malaysia (BEM)
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