Up close and personal with the 2 nd runner-up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018

SEGi University & Colleges is delighted over the success of Liliana Fernandez who became the second runner-up of Miss Universe Malaysia 2018. This 21-year- old lass is dangerously beautiful.

During the contest, she sashayed down the catwalk with confidence, thus earning several titles including Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Zalora Style Star.

We get up close and personal with Liliana, who is currently pursuing a Diploma in Early Childhood Education in SEGi College Subang Jaya.

5 Questions with Liliana Fernandez

  1. What motivates you to join Miss Universe Malaysia 2018?

    I joined the pageant because I wanted to use the platform to gain exposure in the entertainment industry. I believed that joining this competition would open a lot of doors for me as a model. As I went on in the competition, I realized that I can use this position to make a positive impact to the society.

  2. Who is your biggest supporter throughout the beauty contest?

    My biggest supporter throughout this whole competition was my mother. She has always been my number one fan. One of the most amazing ways she supported me was by cooking meals that were suitable for my diet. She found ways to make my meals tasty without using any oil, sugar, and salt. I am blessed that I have my whole family and friends supporting me throughout the competition.

  3. Now that you’ve won 2nd runner-up in the beauty pageant, what’s your plan in the near future?

    My plan for the next year is to focus on my modeling career and also to see what the Miss Universe Malaysia Organization has in store for me. I also want to focus on my volunteer work for the next year.

  4. How important is education in helping you realize your dreams in the near future?

    Education is very important to me. Not only formal education but also informal education. It is always important to educate ourselves and continue our own development. By doing this, we realise what we are passionate about in our life because we learn new things and also develop a better understanding on who we are, which leads to discovering our true purpose here on earth.

  5. Describe your life now with a song title.

    A song that would describe my life right now is She’s a Lady by Tom Jones. I think that placing in the competition has really given me this new confidence and am moving towards becoming the woman I am supposed to be.

Additional question

  1. What is your philosophy of life?

    I believe that if you want to do something, do it properly and full of passion as it will lead you to success.