SEGi Eye Care


SEGi EyeCare was established under the Faculty of Optometry and Vision Sciences as an optometric centre to provide vision care within a clinical setting. Our strength lies in the state-of-the-art facilities and the availability of highly experienced optometrist providing both general and specialised eye care services.

At SEGi EyeCare we provide quality, patient-centered vision care through comprehensive eye examination that covers the assessment and care of visual dysfunctions and disorders.

All of our services are open for SEGi's staff, students and the public. Our team of optometrists will give you the most comprehensive care possible in a welcoming atmosphere. We invite you to explore our services and see how SEGi EyeCare works for you.

General Care Clinic

In this clinic patient are examined for visual conditions such as short sightedness (myopia), long sightedness (hyperopia) and astigmatism. An important aspect of the service within this clinic is the examination of the eye for signs of ocular pathology for referral, or co-management with our ophthalmologists.


Our dispensary offers you with a wide selection of frames from the trendiest design to economy frames. Our prices are competitive as we offer not only affordable prices but also dispensing service to help Our patients find the best frame that suites them most.

Contact Lens Clinic

Our Contact Lens Clinic provides patients with professional contact lens fittings and care for those who use contact lenses as their visual correction. The full spectrum of contact lenses is dispensed covering visual, cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

Binocular Vision and Paediatric Clinic

The Binocular Vision clinic (or BV Clinic) specializes in the care of binocular vision disorders i.e. when the eyes do not function efficiently as a pair of sensory organ. Binocularity is how the two eyes work together. When people suffer from binocular vision problems they will have problem with basic activities such as reading, working at a computer and near task. Some conditions are more severe When there is a breakdown in binocularity such as strabismus ("crossed-eye") and amblyopia ("lazy eye"). They however often can be improved with vision therapy if they are detected early. The need for surgery is also identified in the comprehensive binocular vision assessment, undertaken.

Advanced Ophthalmic Care Clinic

Advanced Ophthalmic Care Clinic (AOCC) is where our patients with signs and symptoms of ocular disease are further investigated using advanced diagnostic instruments. This clinic runs for patients referred from the General Care Clinic where they return for continuing re-assessment and monitoring of ocular abnormalities. It is also for patients undergoing co-management of their ocular disease conditions with an ophthalmologist.

Low Vision Clinic

Our low vision clinic is dedicated to those with visual impairment to maximize their remaining vision. At this clinic patients’ visual performance and needs will be evaluated to find best solution to ease their daily life. Recommendation of visual aids is given to those who need such aids, and the clinic also engages in instructing patients to use certain technique and outdoors to deal with low vision.