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Establishing 5-Star hospitality standards in Malaysia
Growth in the hotel and tourism industry remains rampant as businesses and tourists are spending money on leisure activities more than ever, making this field one of the biggest fields for employment. The need for qualified and trained individuals who can deliver first- class services to tourists remain extensive.

The hospitality and tourism programmes at SEGi are crafted to help enable students with the knowledge and skills required to thrive in this rewarding industry. Learn a highly related syllabus that include destination marketing, cover marketing, human resources, information management, planning, and research.

Our programme at SEGi will help you to hone additional skills in teamwork, problem solving, communication, IT applications and mathematical skills, which are integral to your job scope in the hospitality and tourism industry.

SEGi aims to be the top learning centre for tourism management courses, hospitality and hotel management courses as well as culinary courses in Malaysia by providing a complete and first-class teaching environment to its students.

SEGi aims to be the top learning center for the tourism management, hospitality & hotel management and culinary courses in Malaysia by providing complete and first-class teaching environment to its students.

Careers in Hospitality and Tourism in Malaysia
Jobs in hospitality and tourism are essentially about offering organised and accommodating customer service. Additionally, exceptional communications skills, patience, and a warm personality are an absolute must to grow in this industry. You also need to have a genuine passion for the industry itself. It is a lot more difficult to be warm and helpful if you are not having fun on the job.

Careers in hotels and accommodation can greatly differ from one another as it depends on the type of company you are based at. For example, if you were to ply your trade in a community accommodation, your daily tasks would be significantly different as compared to a tour guide working in a five-star hotel. At the end of the day, it depends on the company’s size, the services that they offer, and your ability to perform various roles that are required of you.

Upon completion of your course in hospitality and tourism, you can expect to find employment as:

Amusement and Recreation Attendants
Carry out a diverse range of tasks at recreational facilities such as hotel resorts and theme parks.

Chefs and Head Cooks
Get involved in menu preparation, food production, and delegate the work of your culinary team.

Gaming Managers
Coordinate and monitor gambling activities at a casino.

Interpreters and Translators
Communicate with tourists from various countries that speak various languages.

Meeting, Conference, and Event Planners
Manage, arrange and organise for group meetings, events, and conventions.

Recreation Workers
Coordinate and carry out recreation activities at public or private facilities in order to ensure safety as well as promote interest in activities such as interactive sports and games.

Transportation Attendants
Offer services to ensure passengers are safe and relaxed across ships, buses, or railway trains.

Travel Guides
Arrange and manage travel plans as well as chaperone individual or groups of tourists.

Waiters and Waitresses
Take orders, serve dishes, and host your restaurant guests.

Careers in hospitality and tourism are not just about soaking in the atmosphere and having fun on the job, it is a hands-on and time consuming career to pursue, that will be very different from the typical nine-to- five job. If passion in helping others and improving the quality of experience in leisure and entertainment is what drives you, then a degree in hospitality and tourism is the degree for you.



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