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Creative Art & Design courses in Malaysia
Do you have a passion for creativity? Are you gifted with the ability to make your ideas come to life in the form of moving art? Want nothing more than to be in an environment that rewards those for thinking outside the box? If you answered yes and would like to pursue your passion in the arts, a bright future in creative art and design awaits.

Just what is Creative Art & Design?
Creative Art & Design collaborates visual art forms such as printmaking, painting, photography, drawing, sculpting, and fabrics with concurrent digital design skills, such as visual communication design and advancements in design applications, sustainability and ethics.

Our course at SEGi is the perfect place to start if you want to pick up a new skill, rediscover an old hobby or turn a long-term passion into a fulfilling career. Whatever you decide, our qualified lecturers at SEGi will be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Looking for Art & Design Colleges in Malaysia?
The programmes that are offered from our faculty of creative design combines both theory and practical. Develop your skills in problem solving, communication, and ethical understanding, as well as applicable skills in your area of specialisation. Our graduates possess commendable artistic sense, technical expertise, and strong visual problem solving skills.

The structure of the course is based on a common foundational first year, followed by a sequence of parallel visuals arts and design studio subjects that all lead up towards a capstone project-based subject. You will also take part in a major artistic showcase and public exhibition by the end of your degree. Student work is publicly exhibited throughout the year in our gallery spaces.

Our degree programme is crafted to provide students with the practical and theoretical understanding of creative art and design through the application of integral skills, knowledge, and practices in a wide field of specialisations.

For aspiring students who want to pursue a Master’s degree, the option to do so also lies at SEGi. Explore leadership roles in the on-going search for innovation through various creative art and design fields that make up the industry as a whole.

We believe in a shared vision
At SEGi, we continually strive to offer our students the very best in creative arts by cultivating a hands-on approach in learning. One that is diverse in creativity through the collaboration with students and faculty members. Through the development of differing ideas and shared goals, we believe that it will help foster a synergistic learning environment.

Our core values
We believe in a learning setting that acknowledges students at the center of our continued endeavors, while having faith in the potential for growth in every student through innovative programmes that are tried and true. We appreciate analytical thinking, creative expression, and greatly value cultural diversity. Through an environment that is predated with solid ethical values, we believe that this will bring about the progress of worth, integrity and potential.

A career in the Creative Art & Design
Creative art and design is a viable career option for all walks of life. Graduates from our programme often go on to play key roles in the leisure, retail, education, heritage housing, media communications, development, product design, and marketing industries.

Realise your potential and enrol at SEGi today.

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